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When it comes to making your vehicle run smoothly and expanding its lifespan, nothing is more important than routine maintenance. Keep your car in good shape, and it'll keep you in good shape, too.

However, with so many car parts potentially needing replaced, the marketplace can become overwhelming. Thankfully, you can order the car parts you need right from our dealership at an affordable price.

Dealerships are the best locations to get car parts right from your vehicle's manufacturer, because they will be specifically designed your vehicle, guaranteeing that they will work properly. Purchasing from ulterior sources is a gamble.

Plus, many car parts and accessories can be installed easily at home, such as side mirrors, lights, cabin filters, and floor mats. If you'd prefer us to install parts for you, we're always happy to take care of it! You may want to leave bigger car mechanics - such as the battery and the transmission - up to a professional.

Whatever your concern, our service department at Steve Lewis Subaru is sure to be able to help. Visit us anytime for more information!


The Parts Department at Steve Lewis Subaru in Hadley, MA maintains a comprehensive inventory of high quality genuine Subaru parts. Massachusetts customers can trust our highly knowledgeable staff to answer all parts inquiries and perform any Subaru repair. Should we not carry a part for which you're searching, we can always order it for you and receive it within a timely manner.

Our dealership offers all the Subaru Parts Massachusetts customers need! Visit Steve Lewis Subaru today to check out our inventory of Subaru OEM parts and tires.

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Why You Should Buy Parts from the Manufacturer

Buying original manufacturer parts is hugely beneficial to your car and is generally a better option than buying aftermarket parts. If you need replacement parts, the dealership is the place to go for both the part and the service.

Manufacturer parts are preferable partly because they're designed specifically for your vehicle by the same company that designed the vehicle-no one knows that car better than the people who made it and are trained to work on it. Plus, OEM parts are of more consistent and high quality than aftermarket parts, for which quality varies greatly and there's an enormous selection to choose from.

OEM parts also come with a warranty, something not all aftermarket parts offer. Warranties are important to have if your part starts to malfunction, so if you do decide to buy aftermarket, make sure you get a warranty with it. Dealership service is in general more reliable than independent service.